Tradiem provides skilled traders from around the world the with the opportunity to showcase their talents in trading live futures and forex accounts.

With the increase of automated and high frequency trading systems, many traders have chosen the route of fully managed trading systems.

Investors and traders alike know the value of diversification. Whether you are an active independent day trader, an occasional swing trader or a passive investors, diversifying into managed systems trading may just be right for you.

It is important to remember that trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone, and should be undertaken with risk capital only.

Before investing, you should carefully consider your risk tolerance and suitability for managed trading systems.

As a seasoned trader who began his career in 1992, Greg has worked with thousands of traders, CTA’ programmers and system developers over the years.

Greg is also the president and founder of TheTradingZone.com, an educational company that specializes in teaching traders how to earn their living from the markets.

The TTZ (TheTradingZone) methodology was developed in 2001, and formally taught to self-directed independent traders since 2003.